What to Do When Your Toddler Wakes Up Crying

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For kids, going to sleep means having to spend time by themselves...away from you, so they may be especially needy when they wake up. They are experiencing separation anxiety, which is completely normal. As toddlers develop their sense of independence, they start to become more aware of being separated from their parents or caregivers.


How you can help your toddler's emotional development:

Positive start

Take a moment to reconnect with your little one first thing in the morning. A snuggle and a short conversation can go a long way and may help them behave during the day. Set aside some time and go snuggle up with your child this morning. This will help remind them of how much they mean to you.

Slow down

Rushing your child after they have just woken up does not produce a good attitude. Try to slow things down in the morning. Don’t insist on getting dressed, eating breakfast, and brushing their teeth right after they get out of bed. Although schedules and appointments can make this impossible, work towards waking everyone up 15 minutes earlier so you have more time to get ready.

Go with the flow

Sometimes bad moods happen and that's OK. There may not be a reasonable explanation for it, so don't stress yourself out. Chances are they'll be back to their sweet, happy selves tomorrow.

What do you do when your kids wake up grumpy?


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