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Let's face it, some baby showers can be boring and even uncomfortable. Games can be a great way to encourage guests to relax and mingle with each other. Here are some fun ideas to help the crowd loosen up.


baby pictures hanging

Who's That Baby? 
Have each guest bring a baby picture of themselves. Display them on a table or even hang them creative. Then have everyone try to guess who the person in each photo is.


how many diapers game

Guess How Many 
Fill a large, empty container with diapers. The diapers should all be the same size. Have each person guess how many diapers are in the container and write their name and answer on a piece of paper. The number that is closest wins. Once the game is over, give the container to the mom-to-be so she can use it later.


baby bingo

Baby Shower Bingo
Have each guest fill in their bingo card with gifts that they think the mom-to-be will receive (write one gift per box). Similar to traditional bingo, the first person to get 5 in a row and yell "bingo" wins.


white paper with text

Newly-Parent Game
This is a fun version of the Newlywed Game. Give the mom- and dad-to-be each a mini whiteboard and a dry erase marker. Then ask them questions that will test their parenting knowledge. Have them write down their answers on the whiteboard and hold it up. See how many answers match their partner's.


measure pregnant belly

Measure Mom's Belly
Have each guest cut a piece of yarn to the length that they think will fit around mom-to-be’s belly. Then have mom-to-be wrap a separate piece of yarn around her belly and cut it to the actual length. The person with the length closest to her yarn wins.


price is right baby shower

Diaper Bag Price is Right
Place some common diaper bag essentials on a table. Have the guests, along with mom-to-be, write down how much they think each baby item costs. Whoever has the closest price without going over wins. Once the game is over, give all the items to mom-to-be so she can bring them home.


advice card

Mommy Advice
Have each guest write their words of wisdom on an advice card. Collect all the completed cards at the end of the shower and give it to the mom-to-be so she can read them later.

What other baby shower games have you played?

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