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Dressing the bump can be challenging at times. The last thing you probably want to do is go on a treasure hunt just to find clothes that you'll only be wearing for a few months. Here are a few tips to help make it easier to look like a fashionista.

Leggings will become your new BFF 

Maternity leggings are not only soft, stretchy and super comfortable, but they also provide support for your growing belly. Some people even opt to wear regular leggings that are a size larger and push the waistband below their baby bump. It depends on your preference. Best of all, they go perfectly with boots, flats or sandals.

Use blazers & open sweaters for layering 

Because these just go over your shoulders, you don't have to worry about them fitting around your waist. Create different looks by pairing them with dresses, shirts and tanks. If it gets too warm, you can easily take off that layer. To save money, wear blazers or sweaters that you already have in your closet.

Try buying a larger size instead

Maternity clothes can be expensive and the cheaper stores usually have a limited selection. Shop at your usual stores, but look for clothes that are one or two sizes larger than what you'd normally wear. This gives you a variety of cute options to choose from... PLUS you can still wear them after the baby is born!

Use belts to accentuate your bump

Adding a belt right above the belly helps define your waist and flatters your changing body. Try pairing it with dresses, tanks, blouses, and tees.

Don't forget to accessorize

Accessories like scarves, necklaces, handbags or even hats can enhance an already chic outfit. Mix and match for different looks.

Sometimes it's better to opt for flats over heels

As your body is changing, you'll experience some discomfort along the way. It's important to make sure that you wear what feels comfortable to you. So don't try to cram your swollen feet into high heels just for the sake of fashion. There are many stylish flats, sandals or boots out there that'll still make you look fab. Your feet will thank you!

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